First, we design.

Then, we roll up our sleeves.

And we build something that lasts.

Upon contact from the client, we’ll set up an appointment to meet at your site to discuss your needs. We ask pertinent questions to fully understand those needs, desires and any problems the site might present. We also at this time discuss budget for the project in question.

From a base map supplied by the client or developed by our designer, we conduct a site survey to take inventory of the site and note existing site conditions that would influence the design of your project. Topography, drainage, soil, vegetation, utilities and existing views are all thoroughly documented and photographed.

Back in our office, the designer uses that information to understand the site’s character, its problems and its potential. Numerous design studies are completed and a final conceptual design is created. Approximately two weeks after initial consultation, we meet back on site for presentation of the design along with a proposal for contract of the project.

Our designers go to great lengths to procure only the finest materials for your projects. Wood, stone and plant materials are all hand chosen by Arbor Knoll. When selecting nursery stock (either from our growing fields or other select Michigan wholesale nurseries), every tree and plant is individually selected and tagged for your project. We take great pride and extensive time selecting only the finest materials for our projects. After materials have been selected and secured, we then work with you to develop a schedule for the installation of the landscape.  

Upon completion of the project, we’ll discuss any care that might be needed for your new landscape. We’ll give thorough demonstrations for procedures such as watering. We’ll also discuss services we provide to keep your project looking its best through the coming years. After all, no one is better qualified than Arbor Knoll to ensure the integrity of your design through the years. 

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